Boiler Maintenance and Installation Services

Boiler services for your Wichita home or commercial property

At Dan’s Heating and Cooling, we are at your service for all your boiler needs. Whether you need guidance on what boiler to get or are having trouble with the one you currently have, our expert team can assist you and your family or business. We can analyze, recommend, and diagnose any boiler solution for your needs.


Dan’s boiler experts provide:

  • Boiler repairs
    • We repair and replace any brand of boiler.
  • Boiler maintenance
    • We recommend getting yearly maintenance done on your boiler.
    • During our maintenance visit, we will check the boiler efficiency, clean burners, check safety controls, check water controls and levels, find small leaks and more.
    • We check for all safety concerns involving your boiler. One small leak can cause significant issues like carbon monoxide leakage.
  • Boiler replacement
    • Our professionals will go on-site to consult with you on the best boiler for your home or business needs. We complete a home evaluation of your heating system. This will help provide you with boiler options that have maximum efficiency, energy savings, and home heating comfort for your unique needs.
    • We can replace any brand of boilers but we specifically carry Crown, NTI, and Dunkirk/Utica boilers.
  • Radiant floor heat installation for new construction
  • Removal of coal boilers


The best heat you’ll get in your home is with a boiler

Should you keep your boiler system? It’s the best heat you can get! Especially if you have an older home, it’s most likely not insulated to handle forced air heating. A boiler is the way to go if you want the ultimate comfort in your home. Hot water boilers are 96% efficient and steam boilers are 82% efficient. Improve the efficiency, and overall warmth of your house during the winter seasons.


Boiler services are a lost art

Very few professionals and businesses in Wichita know how to work on boilers. Given that this job is hard work, needs lots of patience, and takes time to master, we have a dedicated boiler services team with decades of experience. We resolve the frustration of not having a local boiler expert to call when you need them most. Call Dan’s Heating & Cooling at 316-264-8951 for expert boiler services from great people.